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Rustic Table Setting
Wedding Table Setting
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Welcome to LOS EVENTS

LOS EVENTS is an Event Management and Production Company specialized in Exhibitions, Events and Advertising. Our professional team have been promoting our clients through corporate branding, advertising, designing, building exhibitions, kiosks, Event management, stages, printing, multimedia and corporate give away with a special focus on the Middle East Market. Our head office is in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia, however our services network is beyond boundaries.

Rustic Table Setting

Our Vision

We have a clear vision to ensure clients satisfaction and loyalty. As every event has to be a perfect social, technical and creative fit, we have a collaborative approach to all the projects. We want to give every event a personal touch so that the clients requirement are fulfilled.


Wedding Table Setting

Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.



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Concept and Design Planning

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Contact Us

Head office. 4622 As sai-rafiah P.O Box 12751 - 8359 Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mob:+966 56 617 0777

Wedding Table Set