A.S.D. Lago d’Orta Sports & Events is an association founded in 2015 in Miasino (Novara - Italy), a little country an hour away from Milan.
Chaired by Stefano Falciola was created to promote sport activity, to organize sports and recreational events of high quality and to value the land surrounding the Lake Orta, which offers its beautiful scenery beyond national borders.
A.S.D. Lago d’Orta Sports & Events is affiliated to UISP (Italian Union of Sport for All), is recorded to the Olympic Committee and is available to anyone who want to become a member.


The Swim Challenge project was created specifically to realize, in Italy and abroad, great swimming events that represent real Challenges, with distances typical of a swimming marathon (10 km and over).
The project takes off in 2016 with two special and unique events, scheduled on Lake of Orta, northern Italy basin located about an hour away from Milan and close to the airport of Malpensa (40 km), Linate (95 km), Bergamo - Orio al Serio (120 km) and Turin - Caselle (124 km).
The first event is the Oceanman Lago d’Orta (14 - 4,5 - 1,3 km) and the second is the Lago d’Orta Marathon Swim (27 km).The Oceanman Lago d’Orta 2019 (fifth edition) will take place June 22nd; the Lago d’Orta Marathon Swim (fourth edition) July 20th


A.S.D. Lago d'Orta Sports & Events is now closer to those who swim in their events.
To solve doubts, satisfy curiosity or simply to chat with someone who has already faced both Oceanman Lago d'Orta and Lago d'Orta Marathon Swim, write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Will answer Federica Trezza, athlete of Borgonuoto Master Team, which has in its palmares participation in all editions of Oceanman (formerly Traverlonga) and in 2016 was the second woman in the Lago d'Orta Marathon Swim
A place to meet, share information or receive - on request - personalized advice on swimming and feeding.



A.S.D. Lago d'Orta Sports & Events will also suggest the Blog of Federica Trezza, NUOTIAMOCISOPRA, that you can follow at this link: http://nuotiamoci-sopra.blogspot.it.
Here is the presentation:
Whenever you have a problem, whenever you need to take it out, whenever you need to be with yourself, to breathe, to be yourself ... there's only one solution: SWIM ABOVE.
And after, all passes!
Nuotiamocisopra is also sharing of: ideas, techniques, training, solutions.