One of the big news of 2016 for the world of the long distance open water swimming race: the Lago d'Orta Marathon Swim which accounted for Italy a unique event in the beautiful setting of Lago d'Orta.

A swimming race of 27 km along the shores of Lago d'Orta, tracing the entire tour: tiring, both physically and psychologically demanding but truly inimitable.

A race of this kind had never played before on Lago d'Orta: swim for 27 km is a challenge with themselves, challenge that only great athletes, with a strong passion for swimming and an exceptional physical strength may face.

A swimming race as Lago d'Orta Marathon Swim requires great athletic training, perseverance and a very high concentration.

The challenges of July 2016 (first edition), 2017, 2018 and 2019 were faced by Solo swimmers andTeam composed by 3 swimmers (regardless of gender, age and nationality) in the Relay formula, where each swimmer has alternated every hour.

In 2019 there was 19 Solo Swimmer and 5 Relay Team.

Each athlete was required to be assisted along the course by a canoeist or a boat conductor.

This person becomes the faithful travel companion: helps keep the pace, moral support, supplies of food and refreshment drinks and allows to follow the exact course, making the link between the organization.

What great athletes will compete for the 2020 edition? We wait for on Saturday, ..................., 2020, with the fifth edition.