1) The event has the objective to value the land surrounding the Lake Orta, which offers its beautiful scenery beyond national borders.
     The event is organized by A.S.D. Lago d’Orta Sports & Events with the technical collaboration of A.S.D. Circuito Running.
2) The swimming race is managed by the Race Direction, composed by 3 members: the Race Director, the Responsible on Water and the Responsible on earth. The Race Direction defines the rules and the procedures to follow for the event, shown in this document.
    2.1. In case of disputes, these will be solved by the Race Direction, with an irrevocable decision.
3) The event is Open t all.
4) The event is open to Solo swimmers and to Relay Team.
    4.1. Maximum 30 Solo Swimmers and maximum 10 Relay Team will be accepted (in case of boats and kayak availability the number can be increased).
4.2. Minimum age to participate: 18. Swimmers who are already 16 years old can participate only with their parents’ consent (form of disclaimer of liability) and only in Relay Team race.
The registration into the list of swimmers registered will follow a chronological order.
5) To participate the swimmers must present a current medical certificate/declaration that certifies their ability to practice competitive swimming.
6) The swimmers, during the registration, are required to fill in the Registration Form with which they declare under their sole responsibility, that: the personal data contained are true, that they are in a state of good health, that they have appropriate swimming skills to cover a long distance and they free the organization of any liability for possible damages before, during and/or after the event.
7) To participate at the Solo Swimmer race, the swimmers must prove – noting it into the Registration Form - that they participated and completed in the last two years at least in a race with distance equal to/greater than 10 km.
8) Every Solo Swimmer and/or Relay Team member, during the race must be assisted by a support boat (canoe/kayak, motor boat) with at least one assistant. The assistant(s) play(s) an important role in helping the swimmers in feeding, in ing the correct course, dictating the pace, coordinating the changes of the team, controlling the physical and mental condition of the swimmers and being present in case of difficulty following the Safety Plan defined by the Race Direction.



9) The registrations are open till ......................., 2020 at a fixed price and subject to availability.
     9.1. The registration will be accepted upon proof of payment and filling the entry form.
     9.2. The swimmers will take part in the race only if will present a valid medical certificate (within 15 days from the date of the event).
     9.3. The registration will follow the chronological order up to the maximum number allowed.
     9.4. The registrations of Solo Swimmer who have their own vessel support and assistant, of Solo Swimmer who have only their own assistant and  of Relay Team who have their own motor boat support and assistant(s), will be accepted without reservation.
     9.5. The registration of Solo swimmers and/or Relay Team that will need to hire the boat support with assistant(s) will be accepted with reservation, because the organization should verify at that moment the complete availability of the boats and assistants.
    In this case, before the payment, the Solo swimmers and/or Relay Team can send an email to the organization (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) indicating their willingness to register and checking for.
     9.6. The Solo swimmers that will have to hire, can hire only a canoe / kayak (with assistance, if available).
     9.7. The Relay Team that will have to hire, can hire only a motor boat with captain.
     9.8. The Solo swimmers and/or the Relay Team who have their own boat support and their assistant(s) can register also after ................, 2020, subject to availability of seats.

For the type of boats, see the specific Regulation.




10. A Relay Team can be composed of 2 or 3 swimmers without distinction of gender, age or nationality.

   10.1. The Relay Team will have to communicate to Race Direction the order of swimmers that must be respected during the race.

   10.2. Every swimmer of a Relay Team must alternate every hour and then receiver the change. 

      11. It is forbidden to touch the canoe/kayak/motor boat and get help along the race route.

     12. The Solo Swimmer will have to choose – at the moment of registration –to wear or not the wetsuit (the organisation recommends it even if it’s optional), knowing that the water temperature in July is around 21/25 degrees.

     13. The Relay Team will have to choose - at the moment of registration - if each member will has to wear or not the wetsuit (the organization recommends it even if it’s optional), knowing that the water temperature in July is around 21/25 degrees.

     14. Each swimmer can use his/her own swimming cap and his/her own goggles.

     15. Each participant (Solo Swimmer and Relay Team) must provide a phone number to which the organization may call the person who assists them during the race.

     16. The use of any tool or garment that aids the propulsion or the flotation of the swimmer (for example pull-buoys, shovels, gloves, fins, etc.) is not allowed.

       16.1. The use of instruments of music playback during the race is not allowed.

       16.2. The use of electronic devices, such as watches, heart rate monitors, water GPS is allowed.

     17.The organization will constantly monitor the conduct of the race.

        Participants may be forced to leave the race at the discretion of the organizers or the medical service. Participants must follow any additional security measure indicated by the organization. 

      18. Once made the registration, the fee will not be refunded.

     19. The organization has the right to interrupt or modify the event at its sole discretion, if the security conditions indicated by the Race Direction are not guaranteed.

    20. In case the race should be stopped due to bad weather or other serious reasons, the Race Direction will eventually decide to postpone it to the next day, Sunday ................., 2020, with reduced or modified course.

     21. In case of definitive cancellation, the registration fee will not be refunded but the gadget of the event will be given.



The race will be accomplished only with the completion of the entire course, from Lido di Gozzano and return, in accordance with the directions given and within the limit time fixed in 11 hours.

Failure to pass within 5,5 hours from Omegna (mid-term), means a disqualification of the swimmer / relay team.


The swimmers should carefully look at the race map paying attention to these stops:

Percorso 2017

1 length:
 from Lido di Gozzano to Lagna (marker buoy) after about 2,7 km.

2 length: from Lagna to Pella (marker buoy and check point) after about further 3,1 km.

3 length: from Pella to Ronco (marker buoy) after about further 2,8 km.

4 length: from Ronco to Omegna – near Canottieri Omegna (check point) after about further 4,4 km.

5 length: from Omegna – near Canottieri Omegna to Omegna Port - check point with marker buoy to turn in direction of the opposite side of the lake - after about further 0,8 km. Is MID-TERM.

The maximum time allowed to arrive in Omegna is 6 hours, after which the swimmers who have not arrived will be ABSOLUTELY rescued by a boat of the organization.

Warning: is mandatory to swim within 80 metres from the shore.

6 length:
 from Omegna Port to the opposite side of the lake after about 0,6 km, where will be a marker buoy and a check point.

7 length: after the turn, direction to Punta di Crabbia for about 4,6 km. In Punta di Crabbia will be a marker buoy and a check point.

8 length: from Punta di Crabbia to Orta San Giulio-near San Rocco Hotel (marker buoy in open lake to indicate the right direction) after about further 3,4 km.

9 length: from Orta San Giulio-near San Rocco hotel to Imolo (marker buoy and check point) after about 2,0 km.

10 length: from Imolo to Lido di Gozzano (finish line) after about 2,6 km with a marker buoy in open lake to indicate the right direction.


After the arrival at 8 lengh, the swimmers must head for the island for about 50 meters where a directional buoy will be placed. The swimmers will have to overcome this bouy, keeping to their left.

This step is necessary to avoid passing near the port of Orta San Giulio.

Then the swimmers must keep to their left and it will be easy for them to follow the right direction thanks to large buoys that the swimmers will keep to their right.

The next point will be the village of Imolo (9 lengh) and from there in the direction of the directional buoy to keep right, heading the Lido and avoiding going to the Miami Beach.


The swimmers who will go off course and not pass this check point will be disqualified and immediately rescued by a boat of the organization.

Warning: is mandatory to swim within 80 metres from the shore except in "open lake" between Punta Crabbia and Orta San Giulio and between Imolo and Lido of Gozzano.



Each swimmer will receive a race bag composed by:
- the race number (2 pcs) to put on canoe/kayak/motorboat (in front and behind) and that must be returned to the organization at the end of the event;
- Action Card;
- official t-shirt.


Without wetsuit: Men and Women up to 39 years;
Without wetsuit: Men and Women from 40 years and over

With wetsuit: Men and Women up to 39 years;
With wetsuit: Men and Women from 40 years and over

Will be awarded the top three men and the top three women of each category.

Relay Teams without wetsuit;
Relay teams with wetsuit.

Will be awarded the top three Relay Teams of each category.


The organization is not responsible for any theft, damage or loss of items incurred and/or caused during the event.