The Oceanman Lago d’Orta has a consolidated tradition; it was born in 2009 with the name of Traverlonga Lago d’Orta.

It is a unique event, developed over three distances, the longest of which determines the crossing of Lake of Orta in its entire length, starting from Omegna (VB) and arriving at Lido di Gozzano (NO).

From 2015 the event is the Italian stage of the Oceanman Championship Series, circuit that represents the first franchise of the worldwide swimming events in open water.

It 'was the first Italian stage and in 2019 has been a great success wirth a very good response from many registered athletes, coming from a lot of Nations.

The Oceanman Lago d’Orta was the stage with the higher number of registered swimmers and with the longest distance (14 km) of the circuit.

The event will take place on June ................, 2020 with base zone always the Lido di Gozzano (Novara).

The three proposals are:

Oceanman [14 km] – from Omegna to Lido di Gozzano;

Sprint [1,3 km] - from “Miami beach” to Lido di Gozzano;

Half Oceanman [4,5 km] – from San Giulio Isle to Lido di Gozzano – Two batteries, the first COMPETITIVE and the second NON Competive (but same service for both).